ChirosClinic - Chiropractic, sports-massage, nutrition and more | Complete local health-care since 2003
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Complete local health-care since 2003

Chiros Health Clinic was set up in 2003 by local chiropractor, Nick Richmond, to realise his vision that chiropractors, physiotherapists and other alternative therapists could work cooperatively alongside each other.

Our aim at Chiros Health Clinic is to take musculo-skeletal injuries (often chronic) through various stages of treatment, through rehabilitation, then on to general health maintenance.

We’ve grown rapidly, and have wide range of therapies available. From musculo-skeletal therapies such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, sports therapies, pilates and yoga to food allergy testing, counselling and hypnotherapy.

Our therapists bring over 100 years experience to your care and have certifications with over a dozen organisations.

The map shows areas less than an hour away by car. We’re also easily accessible from London – and cheaper than London prices!

Andover is easily accessible by road, bus, and rail from across Southern England.

Southern England is a healthy, active, and beautiful area.  We’re proud to live and work here, and it’s our mission to help you be healthy and strong in body and mind. Life can be hard and take it’s toll on us, but suffering can be helped. We look forward to helping you.